How we work

Structure of EUFORES

The General Assembly is the organisation’s main decision-making body and is made up of all the full members. Among others, its responsibilities are the approval of activity reports and budgets.


The Board of Presidents, the organisation’s governing body, consists of three Members of the European Parliament (the President and the two Vice-Presidents) who are appointed by the General Assembly.


The Extended Board is an informal enlargement of the Board and unites the Board of Presidents with around 20 leading MEPs from all related political groups in the European Parliament. The role of the Extended Board is of political nature only and serves as visibility and integration platform for the Members of European Parliament and the political work of EUFORES.


The Secretary General is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the organisation.


The Advisory Committee, consisting of all core supporting members, shall exchange ideas and views with the Board of Presidents regarding policy developments and strategies in the area of renewable energy sources.


Membership categories

Parliamentary Members: Full Membership for Members of Parliament, Honorary Members and Honorary Presidents


Non-Parliamentary Members: Supporting Membership for EU Industry Associations, Companies, Non-Profit-Organisations and Individuals.


To learn about the membership categories, rights and fees please consult our membership section