Why join EUFORES?

Advantages for Members of Parliaments

  • National MPs are informed earlier about European policy developments and can therefore react sooner towards the EU institutions, towards their respective governments, within their parliaments etc.
  • MEPs can make use of links with national MPs to receive national parliamentary support for their policies.
  • Parliamentarians can try to influence the European Council through their national contacts.
  • Integration into the development of the EUFORES strategy through voting rights in General Assembly.
  • Access to political, scientific and business advice by EUFORES and its Advisory Committee.
  • Full integration into EUFORES network.
  • Free participation in Inter-Parliamentary Meetings (IPM) and other EUFORES events.

EUFORES aims to link the parliamentary network where necessary and promising to external partners and create effective communication and cooperation channels (network-in and network-out):

  • Institutions of the European Union
  • National governmental institutions
  • Society (business, civil society, scientists, media)

EUFORES Membership for Parliamentarians is free of charge.

How to join?

To join EUFORES please download the application form and send it back by e-mail or post.

A strong interest in and support of renewable energy is one essential core attribute of all EUFORES members.

All applications are therefore subject to approval by the EUFORES Board of Presidents.


Click here to download the Application Form for Parliamentary Members