Who we are

EUFORES was founded in 1995 as an independent non-profit organisation aiming at promoting renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in the European Union.


EUFORES is a European parliamentary network with Members from all major political groups in the European Parliament as well as in the national and regional Parliaments of the EU Member States. Apart from the Members of Parliament, EUFORES is supported by a broad range of non-parliamentary members - renewable energy companies and associations, scientific institutes, energy agencies, NGOs and individuals who are strongly committed to renewable energy and energy efficiency. EUFORES is financed by members' contributions, EU grants and private sponsorships.


EUFORES has developed a comprehensive institutional network at EU and national level, and become one of the driving forces in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector. Through close contacts with Members of the European Parliament, national and regional Parliaments as well as key players in the private renewables and energy efficiency sector, EUFORES serves as a communication platform for exchanging information and expertise, bringing relevant stakeholders together to promote renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in the European Union and to transform best practice into coherent legislation for Europe.


On a daily basis, EUFORES gathers expertise, advises on policy, disseminates up-to-date information to its members and promotes beneficial legislation (i.e. by several projects) in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

(Please find examples in our project section).

Our mission

  • Promotion of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in the European Union as key solutions of the energy transition and as core contributors towards global sustainable development.
  • Improvement of renewable energy and energy efficiency policies at European, national and regional levels.
  • Support of members of European, national and regional parliaments in their policy work in those areas.
  • Development, management, and maintenance of a network between members of the European Parliament and members of the parliaments of European Union Member States.
  • Development, management, maintenance and promotion of a strong and active group of members of the European Parliament.
  • Creation of links between the parliamentary network and external partners where necessary and promising and creation of effective communication and cooperation channels (network-in and network-out).
  • Enhancement of the European policy-development process through the integration of members of national parliaments in the initial phases of the policy cycle (from implementation to agenda-setting and policy making).

To download the entire EUFORES Charter please see here.