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EUFORES Keep-on-track! Workshop

Bratislava, Slovakia

14 October 2013, Parliament of Slovakia

EUFORES has been invited to hold a parliamentary workshop in the Slovakian Parliament to discuss the renewable energy situation in Slovakia with Members of Parliament, government officials and various national and external experts. This workshop was organised as part of the Keep on Track! project, which aims to ensure Member States keep in track with their 20% renewable energy targets by 2020. A close look into the status of the Slovakian renewables trajectory was taken. Manners in which to achieve this trajectory were the focal point of this workshop.

After the workshop was opened by Jan Geiss, EUFORES Secretary General, the parliamentary host Jan Hudacky, Chairman of the Committee on Economy Affairs in the Slovak Parliament, held a welcome speech in which he briefly introduced the Slovak renewable energy policy. According to him, biomass conveys the greatest potential of all RES sources in Slovakia and can be competitive to fossil fuels as wel can help reduce the gas heating dependency.

The European Commission was represented by Ruta Baltause (DG Energy) who announced that the European Commission will publish a Communication on public intervention very soon. The communication should support Member States in finding a good approach in RES support schemes. With regard to the Slovak RES energy sector, Ruta pointed out a lack of synergies and cooperation mechanisms in Slovakia. According to Juraj Novak from Ministry of Economy who presented a set of existing and planned RES measures, Slovakia hopes to rely a lot on structural funds in the next period.

Christian Panzer from Energy Economics Group had a very close look into the Slovak RES trajectory and strongly recommended stable framework conditions with regard to the financial support. Jan Gadus (Energy Agency Nitra) and Pavel Simon (Slovak Association of Photovoltaic Industry) focused more on specific sectors of big potential in Slovakia. Jaroslav Jadus from the Chamber of RES users and producers supported the idea of informing the society about the benefits of renewable energy sources and fighting RES myths. The workshop was closed with a discussion round between the panelists and participants.

Please see here the programme of the workshop in English and Slovak.

Jan Geiss, EUFORES

Ruta Baltause, European Commission

Juraj Novak, Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic

Christian Panzer, Energy Economics Group Vienna

Jan Gadus, Energy Agency Nitra

Pavel Simon, Slovak Association of Photovoltaic Industry

Jaroslav Jadus, Chamber of RES users and producers



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