EUFORES Secretariat

Dr. Jan Geiss - Secretary General

Dr. Jan Geiss is Secretary General of EUFORES since September 2008. He was Managing Director of EUFORES from July 2006 until August 2008, and EUFORES Policy Advisor from May 2005 until June 2006.

2011-2014, he was the President of the Renewable Energy House a.s.b.l.

He received his PhD in the field of "renewable energy contracting - systemic energy services" and did his university degree in International Business and Cultural Studies. 1999-2012, he was Chair of the Board of the Sustainable Development Forum e.V., Germany.

Contact: Tel: +32-2-5461948

Rachelle Hajjar - Project and Event Manager

Rachelle Hajjar is Project and Event Manager at EUFORES since September 2019. She holds a M.A. degree in Energy, Natural Resources and Environmental Economics. She has worked as a Research Officer and a Parliament Liaison Officer for the European Wind Energy Association, WindEurope, back in 2014. Later, she was Fundraising Manager for the human right organization Doctors of the World. She then joined the non-governmental environmental organization Greenpeace in Luxembourg and in Belgium, managing Fundraising, Mobilizations and Actions, and notably organizing the concert for the Belgian Climate March in December 2018 having gathered more than 70,000 citizens.

Contact: Tel: +32-2-4001025

Drilona Shtjefni - Project, Communications and Funding Manager

Drilona Shtjefni is Project, Communications and Funding Manager at EUFORES since June 2019. Ms. Shtjefni has an extensive experience in renewable energy projects, having worked, among others, for the European Biomass Industry Association as Deputy Secretary General, Business News Americas, Regione Molise and Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea. She holds two master's degrees in international Relations and European Studies and Business Management, as well as technical education in bioprocess and energy efficiency. In 2018, she has been chairing sessions at the European Biopolymer Summit and European Biomass Conference and Exhibition and awarded best Young Association Executive of the Year.

Contact: Tel: +32-2-4001026

Raquel Alemañ Navalón - Project and Event Assistant

Raquel Alemañ Navalón is a Project and Event Assistant at EUFORES since December 2018. She holds an M.A. degree in European Studies and International Relations from the University of Paris VIII and a bachelor degree in History.  Her experience from work stages over the last years in the Population and Development Center (Paris Descartes University), EuropaNova and the European Parliament encompasses a wide variety of areas including data research, policy analyst, communication and event organization.

Contact: Tel: +32-2-4001029

Saki Ino - Project, Communications and Funding Assistant

Saki Ino is Project, Communications and Funding Assistant at EUFORES. She holds a bachelor degree in Political Science and a master degree in European Affairs from Sciences Po Paris. Her experience from her previous work stages at EUROCITIES, in the European Parliament and the European Commission, ranges from EU advocacy, policy making, communications, to events organisation.

Contact: Tel: +32-2-4001027