EUFORES Secretariat

Dr. Jan Geiss - Secretary General

Dr. Jan Geiss is Secretary General of EUFORES since September 2008. He was Managing Director of EUFORES from July 2006 until August 2008, and EUFORES Policy Advisor from May 2005 until June 2006.

2011-2014, he was the President of the Renewable Energy House a.s.b.l.

He received his PhD in the field of "renewable energy contracting - systemic energy services" and did his university degree in International Business and Cultural Studies. 1999-2012, he was Chair of the Board of the Sustainable Development Forum e.V., Germany.

Contact: Tel: +32-2-5461948

Almudena Molina Delgado - Project and Event Manager

Almudena Molina Delgado is Project and Event Manager since January 2017. From April-October 2016, she was Project and Event Assistant at EUFORES. She holds an M.A. degree in European Interdisciplinary Studies from College of Europe. She has previous experience from work stages in the European Commission, the Region of Brussels and at the Business Promotion Center of the Government of Catalonia in the United States.

Contact: Tel: +32-2-4001029