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Tuesday, 18 November 2014, 18:00 - 21:00, European Parliament, Brussels

The European Commission plans to review the Energy Labelling Directive and its ecodesign aspects by the end of 2014. A report is expected early 2015. With the ecodesign directive addressing the supply side and the energy labelling directive addresssing the demand side, the EU has established a very good framework which initiated huge energy savings. The successes and weaknesses of these directives were also discussed at EUFORES parliamentary dinner debate on Tuesday 18 November 2014.

In his opening remarks, Paul Hodson (European Commission) praised the current directives for their achievements but also elaborated on the way forward. He mentioned that the European Commission will look into international cooperation to facilitate regulatory and standards convergence as well as into developing measures to strengthen market surveillance.

Hans-Paul Siderius (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) presented ecodesign and energy labelling as the major instruments to improve energy efficiency in the EU. Nevertheless, a lot can be done in the communication, combining measures for the same product group or simplifying measures. Michael Scholand (Clasp) presented several examples from outside Europe, i.e. Australia saves electricity while its economy expands  thanks to its labelling and standards legislation. Then, a round of stakeholders representing European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers, The European Consumer Organisation and European Environmental Citzens´ Organisation for Standardisation followed. The event was closed by a panel discussion with Bendt Bendtsen (MEP, EPP), Jeppe Kofod (MEP, S&D) and Claude Turmes (MEP, Greens, EUFORES President). The discussion suggested that the upcoming review should develop a solid communication strategy so that labelling becomes user-friendly, self-explanatory and attractive.


Please see the programme of the event here.

You can also download the presentations of:

Paul Hodson, DG Energy, European Commission

Angeliki Malizou, The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) & Raising Standards for Consumers (ANEC)

Hans-Paul Siderius, Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Michael Scholand, Clasp

Stamatis Sivitos, European Environmental Citizens´Organisation for Standardisation (ECOS)