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Carlos Robles Piquer - Founder of EUFORES - passes away at age 93

Category: news, press release


Brussels 19 February 2018

Carlos Robles Piquer - former MEP, former Spanish Minister and Ambassador of Spain and Founder of EUFORES - has passed away at the age of 93 on Friday 9 February 2018. Carlos Robles Piquer was an outstanding figure in Spanish and European politics. Among his manifold activities, he founded EUFORES together with other representatives of European institutions in 1995 and laid the ground for one of the most influential parliamentary networks of the European Union. As the first President of EUFORES, he initiated parliamentary activities and exchanges in the mid-nineties which led to the first EU white book on renewable energies and laid the ground for renewables policies all over the EU. This document paved the way for the first EU legislations on renewables in the early 2000.  It will be our duty to continue what Carlos has initiated. EUFORES and the Secretariat are deeply thankful for his visionary thinking and support over the years.”