Opportunities and challenges of the European Energy Union – Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Italy

Senate of Italy - Sala Capitolare presso il Convento di Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, Rome, 17 July 2017 

In cooperation with the Delegation of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Central European Initiative European Affairs of the Italian Parliament EUFORES organised a national parliamentary workshop on renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Italian Senate. 

Members of the Italian and the European Parliament, government officials, representatives of the European Commission and experts in the field gathered to share their experiences and to discuss the energy transition's progress in Italy.

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PowerPoint presentations 

Francesco Maria Graziani, Policy Officer, Unit for Renewables and CCS policy, DG Energy, European Commission: The new EU energy efficiency framework

Francesco Maria Graziani, Policy Officer, Unit for Renewables and CCS policy, DG Energy, European Commission: The new EU Renewable Energy Directive – latest state and future tasks for the Member States

Lukas Liebmann, Expert, TU Wien and Partner Renewables Networking Platform: Prospects and requirements for the new renewables action plans in Italy



"The opinions expressed in this event are those of the speakers only and may not be connected in any way to the Senate of the Republic or any of its bodies.
Accreditation is necessary to access the Senate.

Press accreditation should be requested by fax to +39 06 6706 2947.

Business attire is recommended for all guests. Gentlemen are required to wear a jacket and tie. Access is allowed until meeting room capacity is reached"

The workshop is organised within the project of Energy Efficiency Watch and the Renewables Networking Platform. Please find more information on the respective websites. 

Organised in cooperation with the Delegation to the Parliamentary Dimension of the Central European Initiative of the Italian Parliament



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